The concept of ErrandBob came from combining all the things that Bob likes to do in his spare time: being outdoors, helping people and meeting new friends. He moved to Alameda in 2015, after staying in the San Jose area for most of his life.  In his previous occupation as a restaurant manager, he enjoyed buying produce and restaurant supplies.  Whenever he helped his family and friends with errands, it was always rewarding.

There are a lot of families or individuals in Alameda who are busy with work or with kids; therefore, they don’t have time to do certain everyday tasks.  With ErrandBob, he helps people buy groceries, drop off clothes at the dry cleaners, bring packages to the post office, and other common errands so that they have more time doing the things they really enjoy. 

Bob is a high-functioning adult with Asperger’s. What does this mean? In Bob’s case, it just means that he may seem a bit quiet or shy when he first meets you. Make no mistake, he is happy to see you and always happy to help!  Bob hopes that with ErrandBob he will inspire others on the autism spectrum to start their own businesses too!