How do I pay ErrandBob?

Currently, ErrandBob only accepts check or cash and now accepts PayPal! Find us on PayPal with 

ErrandBob charges $15 / hour for his services.  When he has completed the errand(s), he will personally give you a receipt or send an email detailing how long it took him to complete the errand and any additional purchases made (e.g. groceries, dry cleaning, postage).  The total cost to you will reflect his services and any additional cost to complete the errand.

Payments are preferred at the time of delivery, but Bob is happy to accommodate most situations (Just ask!).

What if I have several errands for ErrandBob to do?

Bob is happy to batch and complete several errands for you at one time.  Not a problem!  The cost is still $15 per hour of service.  
It's as easy as reaching out to him on the "Contact Bob" page.  You can simply request all the errands you need done in a detailed message.  He will promptly get back to you to confirm your request via your preferred method of email, text or phone call.  

When is ErrandBob available?

Currently, ErrandBob is available 7 days a week (10am - 8pm), excluding major holidays (Thanksgiving and Christmas).  However, please feel free however to contact him anytime and he'll get back to you as soon as possible.  

How much notice is needed before I contact ErrandBob?

The earlier you contact Bob, the more likely it is that he's able to complete the task at exactly the time you need.  It is recommended that you contact him the day before, but it is also entirely possible for him to work with you the day of.  

Within business hours, Bob will often get back to you very quickly to communicate details of the errand you'd like to request. 

How does ErrandBob calculate the final price of service?


The minimum price is $15 for an hour of work.  When errands take more than an hour, the rate goes up at 15 minute increments, rounding down.  

For example, if errands take 1 hour and 8 minutes, the final price of service would be for $15.  If the errand takes 1 hour and 19 minutes, the final price of service would be for 1 hour and 15 minutes ($15 + $3.75 = $18.75).

Does ErrandBob run errands outside of Alameda?

Currently, ErrandBob only runs errands in Alameda.