What our friends say


"I got to take a nap!"

We loved Bob's fast, friendly, and reliable service!  We had piles of stuff to donate that all needed to be delivered to different places.  He arrived right on time, carried everything down the stairs for me (super helpful since I had my hands full with my infant), and listened attentively to the list of donation spots.  Instead of driving around with a cranky baby, I got to take a nap!"

Thanks again for your help, Bob--we'll definitely be calling again in the future!

"Grocery shopping with kids. No thank-you!!"

ErrandBob has been a life-saver for me.  I have come to loathe grocery shopping due to a hectic schedule, let alone grocery shopping with kids.  No thank-you!! So, discovering ErrandBob with his easy-going personality and time-efficient shopping has been wonderful.  I plan to use him regularly and hopefully for more errands than shopping.  Plus he always greets with a warm smile! :) 



"[Bob] saves the day!"

Not only is Bob just a wonderful guy all around, he is responsible and reliable --- he saves the day!  It's such a load off when he's able to come by and pick up the pile of things we've been "meaning to donate".  Often times these items start piling up in our entryway, sometimes even obstructing our front door!  It's such a relief when Bob comes to take our items to Salvation Army.  Upon request, he'll also pick up items from the nearby grocery store and the dry cleaners along the way!